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marzo 28, 2024 - Dooor

Maison Perron in Quebec City

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A unique project that embodies the imagination and personality of the Studio.
This workspace and creation space curated by Perron Design stands out for its distinctive character and innovative use of Dooor textile doors.
At the entrance, a baby pink Dooor with a glossy surface welcomes guests into a dreamy and enveloping environment, enhanced by the interplay between the waves of the chandelier and those of the door.
A second Dooor, featuring a bold double-face design, is used as the door to an office, combining style and discretion thanks to the sound-absorbing properties of the velvet fabric.
A third Dooor with bilateral opening serves as the door of a cabinet, and its mirrored coating provides a surprising element amidst a neatly framed arrangement of tiles.
As a whole, Maison Perron is an intelligent carousel of colors, textures, lights, and patterns where Dooor doors take center stage in an unusual yet perfect synergy.