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marzo 27, 2018 - Porsche

The fantastic Fuhrmann : Peter Pohl is devoted to the task of overhauling and optimising the engine par excellence of the four-cylinder era – the vertical shaft engine.

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“I’m fascinated by the complex technology.” The words have barely left the mouth of the tall lean man in a white polo shirt before he expertly presses a number of buttons on the engine stand he has built himself. Within moments, an ear-shattering racket puts an end to the peace and quiet of the morning. We’re in a residential district somewhere in Lower Saxony, where the streets are lined with detached homes. It’s the kind of place where you’ll get frowned at if you don’t mow your lawn, where blackbirds tweet away happily and where local shooting clubs recruit new members. #peterpohl, a passionate tinkerer and probably the world’s leading expert on the legendary vertical shaft engine, lives in the midst of this suburban idyll. And it’s one of these #Porsche engines, housed in Pohl’s garden shed, which is currently rattling our eardrums. Pohl grins happily. It took him two years to gather all the individual parts he needed. And he’s spent over 200 hours working on this exceptional engine. “I’ve become genuinely fond of this engine – after all, I built it myself.” Even though fewer than 2,000 vertical shaft motors were ever produced, four of them are lined up in Pohl’s garden shed. As well as the one which is idling away stertorously, a 904 replacement engine with powerful Weber IDA carburettors is awaiting its turn on a creeper. Another is installed in a bright red #Porsche #356b 2000 GS/GT. “Only around 15 of these vehicles were ever built.” The #racing 356 with a pared-down weight achieves “a good 200 hp” after undergoing treatment at Pohl’s #automotive hospital – the series production vehicles managed a maximum of 155 hp. Pohl has a collection of valuable high-calibre sports cars, but his favourite is a blue 356 A Cabriolet - a 1600 GS Carrera.

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