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dicembre 19, 2017 - Morgan

Morgan Motor Company announces technical partnership with Frazer-Nash Energy Systems as Morgan EV3 begins production in 2018

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  • Morgan Motor Company announces technical #partnership with #frazernash Energy Systems as the all-electric #morgan #ev3 enters production next year
  • Partnership with industry-leading #frazernash Energy Systems sees the #ev3 with an all-new architecture, incorporating components already well proven on road vehicles plus fast charging technology, proven reliability, lower centre of gravity, greater levels of torque and improved acceleration
  • The #ev3 is Morgan’s first production all-electric car and the first #morgan to utilise composite panels in its body construction
  • The #ev3 will have a range of 120 miles and will offer the same exhilarating driving experience as the petrol version
  • Design is inspired by 1930s Aero-engine race cars, classic motorcycles and 1950s fantasy automatons
  • The #ev3 will go into production in Q3 in 2018 at Morgan’s Pickersleigh Road factory
  • For more information, visit morgan-motor.co.uk

Malvern, 19 December 2017

Morgan Motor Company has announced a technical #partnership with industry leaders #frazernash Energy Systems as the all-electric #morgan #ev3 prepares for production in 2018.

The #ev3 extends Morgan’s truly unique offering. Industry-leading EV technology combines with a lightweight coach-built body to offer an unparalleled mix of craftsmanship and technology.

Inspired by 1930s Aero-engine race cars, classic motorcycles and 1950s fantasy automatons, the #ev3 embraces new technology while delivering the raw driving experience and traditional British craftsmanship synonymous with every #morgan.

First revealed in 2016, the head-turning #ev3 signalled the British marque’s first production entrance into the world of all-electric propulsion, following the Plus E concept in 2012. Working with #frazernash Energy Systems means that the #ev3 will have greater performance with rapid charging technology, proven reliability, a lower centre of gravity and greater acceleration over and above what was previously expected.

As a result of the #partnership, the production #ev3 will feature all-new, more robust architecture, greater levels of torque, a stiffer chassis and underslung battery beneath the skin. Encased within the tubular space frame chassis is a 21 KWh Lithium Battery and a liquid-cooled 34.8kW (41.8kW peak) FN A010229 motor driving the rear wheel. The #ev3 will have a range of 120 miles and will provide occupants with a hands-on, exhilarating driving experience that has not previously been associated with electric vehicles. The production #ev3 is anticipated to have comparable performance figures to its petrol sibling.

Production will begin in Q3 of 2018 at Morgan’s Pickersleigh Road factory following the completion of the model’s rigorous test and development programme.

Steve Morris, Managing Director of #morgan Motor Company, said:
“We are delighted to announce our technical #partnership with #frazernash Energy Systems as we enter this exciting phase of #ev3 production. We have been working closely on optimizing the EV3’s architecture in every way to develop a car which will offer proven reliability range and cooling performance, combined with the pure driving experience that is expected of every hand-crafted #morgan.

“The greatest challenge lies within introducing EV technology into our factory work flows, customer experience and supporting dealer network in a robust and most importantly safe manner. #frazernash Energy Systems offer us every confidence in achieving this. This will result in Morgan’s first entrance to the world of EV being incredibly rewarding, but moreover sets the scene for many exciting future opportunities.”

Noamaan Siddiqi, Business Development Director, #frazernash Energy Systems said: “The #ev3 plays an important role in Morgan’s future strategy. Achieving Zero Emissions using electrification is a requirement no manufacturer can afford to ignore. #morgan has always embraced the latest technology within its vehicles to ensure it can continue to build relevant hand-crafted British sports cars.

“At #frazernash Energy Systems, we appreciate the #heritage and craft that #morgan brings to the world of EV technology and we in turn will bring decades of EV expertise to ensure that #ev3 customers will receive a car that is reliable, proven and exhilarating to drive, a thoroughbred #morgan. We are very pleased to be able to provide energy management and propulsion systems to the #ev3. A lightweight, spirited driving experience beneath a coach-built body is key to the identity of any #morgan. This remains a core focus throughout the development of the #ev3.”

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